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The Vault Pro Scooters

They took a popular lifestyle and urban sport and turned it into a thriving online retailer selling only the best in pro scooters.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Drupal Integration
  • Ecommerce


In 2012, The Vault Pro Scooters was a successful store that sold scooters, parts, and accessories in Culver City, California. However it soon became apparent that it wasn’t just the Cali kids that wanted to ride, scootering was becoming a popular lifestyle and urban sport among teens and kids across the Country.

It was time to capitalize on a nationwide market, so The Vault came to Acro Media. Having worked with Acro Media in the past on other business websites The Vault knew they could get a website that utilized user friendly e-commerce, and a great design that would embody the culture of this growing sport.

"Brand new site launched in November 2015"


The solution for The Vault Pro Scooters was to make a pixel to pixel copy of either Chubby Cruisers or Beach Bike Outlet.

This meant the creation of a brand new design to match the branding and style of The Vault Pro Scooters, but used the exact same layout and dimension of functionally, structure and site elements (CTA’s, button, menus, etc) as the existing site. This allowed for a different, branded look and all the functionality currently developed but allowed development and design costs to be minimized.

eCommerce Website Integration with Acro Media

Additionally, a few items were added to the site including a more prominent share feature on the Wishlist, a blog layout that allowed for videos and images to be shown, and coupon codes to be used at checkout.

CRM eCommerce Integration and Integrated eCommerce with Vault Scooters


In their first 6 months of online business, they saw a revenue growth of 925%! They continue to be a national leader in Pro Scooter sales. Check out their website at