Process, with a human touch.

It’s not just project management, it’s also people management.

Agile development approach.

Plan, sprint, launch, iterate, repeat. The Agile project management fundamentals.

Projects change direction, and that is okay. We approach software project management by relying on a few classic tactics:

  • Plan, sprint, demo, retro — follow the ceremonies.
  • Pivot if the business changes directions.
  • Communication and documentation.
  • Collaboration tools that give you a full view of the progress.
  • Both business and technical leadership on your team.

Eminence Organic Skin Care

"If you want vendor meetings to include strip clubs, charcuterie boards & bullshit, Acro Media are not your people… move along. Becky Parisotto (Senior Consultant with Acro Media) is a refreshing change from the starched-shirt yuppie insects I normally deal with.

Acro Media are efficient communicators. Be it email or meetings, every interaction I’ve had with Acro Media has been professional, purposeful and results-oriented. During meetings, the Acro Media team make sure they understand a subject before moving on. They often say things back to you to make sure things are mutually understood."

Michael Odobas, Director of Information Services, Eminence Organic Skin Care

Agile project methodology is full of jargon. We will decode it with you.

  • Story writing
  • Backlog
  • Epic
  • Kanban
  • Planning poker
  • Product ownership
  • User stories
  • Retros


Project plans, from day one.

A project canvas is developed to ensure all teammates are lining up on the same starting block. Let’s make sure we are all running the same race.

Sample of Acro Media's Project Canvas

"Building a project with Acro Media is about more than producing code to launch. We have to train the clients to become part of an agile software team, understand their roles and responsibilities, keep them on track for timelines and help them to really own the product outcomes. We have a responsibility as project managers to educate and guide clients until they are fully integrated team mates. We are codependent in a software project, and building trust and a proper rhythm is key to launching and meeting expectations."

Taylon Culling, Director of Project Management, Acro Media

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