Give your customers purchasing power.

The wholesale industry is facing increased competition from suppliers, other industry players, and marketplaces. These non-traditional competitors are leveraging technology to embrace D2C portal opportunities. Wholesalers need to focus on digital solutions that improve the customer experience, enable unique account options and increase operational efficiency. Remove barriers and allow your clients to conduct their business with you online.

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Global wholesale organizations need digital solutions that not only work for online sales, but help improve data flow throughout the organization.

By building solutions that integrate systems, automate workflows and offer decoupled flexibility, Acro Media can help wholesale organization become global contenders.

Established wholesale organizations are beginning to realize that technology is no longer optional and that leveraging digital solutions will produce competitive advantages across the board. Opening digital channels and enhancing supplier/customer engagement and collaboration through new technology will re-open shrinking markets and open doors to new ones. 

The right technical infrastructure allows you to reach your customers where they are already shopping: online. Digital channels like online marketplaces and D2C portals will allow you to distribute your products and brand to a wider audience. The key is getting this strategy in place and your digital transformation project online sooner rather than later.

Minimize B2B disruption with D2C sales.

Simplify digital buying for your B2B clients and create new channels for direct consumers.

  • Self-serve consumer options that allow separate B2B accounts to keep everyone happy.
  • Personalized shopping by account type (public or account-specific pricing), simple re-ordering, unique shipping options, custom payment terms and purchase order abilities. 
  • Value-added services such as credit financing, inventory management, and product expertise.

ERP integrations for better data control.

Connecting siloed systems unifies data to create more efficient processes and communication.

  • Increased inter-departmental communication, faster order processing, improved delivery timelines.
  • Unify and centralize data from CRMs, ERPs and ecomm platforms to track your customer’s behavior and provide a seamless purchasing experience regardless of the scale or account type.
  • Introduce new business systems as needed; don't let your ERP dictate your integration paths.

Increase revenue by making every experience better.

Digital-first experiences matter in B2B and consumer sales. Build the information infrastructure to meet those expectations.

  • Give your company agile and adaptable choices, not just today but in the future.
  • A seamless and consistent shopping experience regardless of where and when customers engage with your brand.
  • Enhance inter-departmental/supplier/customer engagement and collaboration.


Leveraging integrations for wholesale operational efficiency while improving overall digital customer experience.

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