Bug Out Bag Builder Case Study | Acro Media Inc.

Bug Out Bag Builder

Bug Out Bag Builder needed a more efficient way to bring its survival bags to the masses.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Drupal Module
  • Ecommerce


Bug Out Bag Builder (B.O.B.B.) allows its customers to create high-quality custom Bug Out Bags filled with the items needed to sustain them during emergency evacuations or extreme survival situations. They also provide advice to their customers on how to outfit themselves and their survival bags with the correct equipment.


When B.O.B.B. first approached Acro Media, they were operating a simple blog built on a static website that provided affiliate links to products on Amazon. But customers could only add products to the Amazon cart one at a time. They would have to click on a product listed on the B.O.B.B. site, add it to their cart in Amazon, then go back to the B.O.B.B. site and repeat the process for every product they wanted to add. This was a time-consuming process that had a hugely negative impact on their overall conversions and user flow.

The inability to compile a complete shopping cart before heading over to Amazon to complete the purchase was the biggest roadblock for the progression of the site.

"Wishlist enables users to build or customize their survival bags."


To remedy this, a custom module called Commerce Wishlist was created. Wishlist enabled B.O.B.B. site users to pre-build a variety of survival bags with various products ready for checkout on Amazon. Users could build their own bags or customize the pre-built bags and have these changes saved, so they could leave and return to checkout at a later date. These features made the site highly usable and made it simple for users to create custom Bug Out Bags.

Acro was able to go one step beyond the client’s expectations by adding some additional functionality to the Wishlist module. The Amazon API normally only pulls a single main product image from the item listed in Amazon; we were able to build Wishlist in such a way as to allow an admin to upload multiple product images to a gallery that we built.

The Wishlist module also allows B.O.B.B. to sell their products directly on their own site, if they decide to do so in the future.

In addition, Acro Media created a great UX site flow for both desktop and mobile. As 50% of B.O.B.B. users came from mobile devices, it was crucial to create a simple, easy-to-use process to add products to cart for these customers.


The improved functionality of the site has opened the door for B.O.B.B. to expand their business and offer a vast range of products in an efficient way that works for their business.