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Bug Out Bag Builder

Survival Specialists

Bug Out Bag Builder needed a way to bring its survival bags to the masses.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Drupal Module
  • Ecommerce


Bug Out Bag Builder (B.O.B.B.) allows its customers to create high-quality custom Bug Out Bags filled with the items needed to sustain them during emergency evacuations or extreme survival situations. When B.O.B.B. first approached Acro Media, they were operating a simple blog that was built on a static website, and they were looking for a platform that would allow their business to grow and outperform competitors. Drupal was exactly what they needed.

B.O.B.B was referred to us by one of our existing clients. They liked the style of Acro Media’s work, so they decided to discuss how Acro Media and Drupal 8 could benefit their business. Drupal’s intuitive and user-friendly back-end was perfect for the job, and the client was keen to make the switch from their old platform. We were able to move all of the site’s extensive content over to Drupal 8 in a seamless transition.


B.O.B.B. wanted to be able to link a survival bag that was pre-built or custom-built survival on their website directly to an Amazon cart and receive an Amazon Affiliate commission on that sale. In late 2016, Acro Media set to work creating a custom module to achieve this, which we named “Wishlist.

"Wishlist enables users to build or customize their survival bags."


Wishlist enabled B.O.B.B. site users to pre-build a variety of survival bags, a “cart,” with various products ready for checkout on Amazon. Prior to this, B.O.B.B.’s website simply provided Amazon Affiliate links to each product; the customer would then have to follow each link and add the product manually to their Amazon cart.

Wishlist also enabled users to build their own bags or customize the pre-built bags and have these changes saved, so they could leave and return to checkout at a later date. These features made the site highly usable and made it simple for users to create custom Bug Out Bags.

With 120 hours budgeted over two to three months for the project, the team at Acro Media were able to over-deliver by building the Wishlist module that can now be found on Drupal.org. The Amazon API normally only pulls a single main product image from the item listed in Amazon; we were able to build Wishlist in such a way as to allow an admin to upload multiple product images to a gallery that we built. The site then launched in early April 2017.

Bug Out Bag Builder Site


After the launch, the site saw a considerable increase in traffic. Google-generated organic traffic to the site increased from just 4 between January and March 2017 to almost 6,000 sessions between April and mid-July 2017. Prior to the launch, almost all of the traffic to the site was coming direct or as a referral.

Next up is getting mobile ready. The client and Acro Media worked so well together that we are now working on the next stage of the Bug Out Bag Builder project. An enhanced responsive design is being drawn up to make sure that users on mobile are getting the best experience possible.