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When you're in a global industry you need International presence and strategies that cross continents.

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  • Drupal Integration
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Bar Codes Talk Goals & Objectives

Bar Codes Talk has been an Acro Media client since 2009 and in that time their business has steadily grown and evolved. With growth comes new challenges however, and Bar Codes Talk was ready for these challenges because they chose to work with Acro Media and use Drupal, an ecommerce platform designed to grow and evolve with their business, not limit it. 

From the earliest stages Bar Codes Talk set numerous goals to create a great commerce experience for their customers, which involved overcoming a variety of challenges for each. Some of their biggest goals were:

1. Speed up The Sales Fulfillment Process.

Bar Codes Talk required a solution to get their customers from Point A (placing order for their barcodes) to Point B (receiving their barcodes) in the most efficient way possible. The roadblocks to achieving this included: 

  • Barcode order packages were too large due to image files.
  • The site was originally built with smaller order quantities in mind. As Bar Codes Talk grew, orders became larger and the website could not handle the larger orders without crashing the entire artwork repository. 

2. Streamline The Label Order Process

Similar to the above, Bar Codes Talk needed an efficient order process for their labels, but first had to address:

  • The need for a label building software that could create an accurate bar code representation on demand. 
  • Define an efficient label order process from time of purchase to printing via NiceForm software and then shipping.

3. ​​Build a Multilingual Site 

With an eye on expansion and growth, Bar Codes Talk required an ecommerce platform that could cater to a global market.

  • Bar Codes Talk needed the ability to sell their products in China, United Kingdom, United States, and India while maintaining functionality and data synchronization across each language-specific site. 

​Bar Codes Talk faced many challenges to achieve their goals, but Acro Media had the knowledge and experience to deliver a custom Drupal solution that realized Bar Codes Talk’s vision for their business. Read on to find out how Acro Media leveraged Drupal to create custom solutions. 

"Over 20 million bar codes were sold in 2015!"

The Solutions

1. Speed Up The Sales Fulfillment Process 

Acro Media built software that can recognize larger orders that the repository (storage for images) could not handle. When a customer places a large order, they now receive a PDF and spreadsheet that lists all the barcodes that they purchased. They are then notified that their order was too large to put together immediately and that they will be emailed once the order is processed. 

We also optimized the software that builds out the images to reduce file size wherever possible. 

These changes allowed for packages to be put together quicker, use fewer server resources, and customers to download their orders faster than ever before, which resulted in a better, more refined user experience. 

2. Streamline The Label Ordering Process

Through countless hours of development, testing, and refinement Acro Media leveraged Drupal to build a custom and complete label building software from the ground up. 

The label builder allows customers to create a label from various selections of label types, sizes, and layouts. It includes a live preview that updates instantly as the customer inputs their preferences to show them how their custom label will look.

We then built a custom module to communicate with Bar Codes Talk’s NiceForm (label printing) software, which places the label orders in a queue on that system to be printed. Previously Bar Codes Talk had to open each label of an order individually in NiceForm and manually load each label's data into the software. Our custom NiceForm script streamlined the process to make it as simple as selecting an order from the queue list to have the software automatically build and configure each label in the order for printing.

With most ecommerce or CMS platforms this type of custom solution would have never been possible and would have hindered or even prevented Bar Codes Talk from growing their business. Drupal on the other hand is a platform that grows with your business. 

Screenshots of Drupal eCommerce Platform Open Source with Bar Codes Talk

3. Building a Multilingual Site

Having a multilingual site can be very difficult when selling a product (i.e. a barcode number) that can only be purchased by a single user. 

To achieve Bar Codes Talk’s goal of a multilingual site and catering to global customers, Acro Media had to ensure that all of their language-specific sites worked in concert with one another and data across all the sites remained in sync. 

Now when a customer places an order for a barcode on a language-specific site (China, for example), that site will sync up the order with the main US site. The US site will fulfill the order as normal and then notify the China site when that order is processed and ready for download. The sites all work together to pull barcodes from the same barcode pool on a single database to make sure that no one barcode is purchased twice by two separate customers. 

This was a huge stepping stone for Bar Codes Talk business. It has given them the ability to do what most companies can't, sell their products internationally. This has opened a huge potential for growth and will pay dividends over and over again in the future. 

Custom Integrations for Bar Codes Talk

Barcode Generator Module — Automatically maintains a repository of pre-generated barcode graphic files so customer orders can be compiled and processed as soon as possible and downloaded instantly.

Stamps — Communicates with the API for enhanced USPS shipping automation during the shipping fulfillment process.

Packing Slips — Creates PDF packing slips of label orders showing an itemized list of each label purchased. It also displays a sample of each label. 

Nicelabel/NiceForm Module — Communicates with NiceForm (label printing software) and automatically puts the labels purchased in the printing queue. 

Hubspot — Automatically inputs all Bar Codes Talk customers into the Hubspot CRM and separates each customer into different sales tiers based on their purchase. 

How Acro Media Helped Bar Codes Talks with eCommerce and Drupal Solutions

The Growth of Bar Codes Talk

Not only has Acro Media helped Bar Codes Talk develop a one of a kind website and commerce experience, we have also managed the marketing side of their business since 2013. From Google Adwords management, identifying and implementing strong messaging and conversion rate optimization, we have achieved significant growth over the last two years. 

Traffic — Year over year growth from 2014 to 2015 
     - Overall traffic increased by 28.8%. 
          - Total sessions in 2014 were 105,836 compared to 136,303 in 2015.
     - Number of users increased 25.8% 
     - Page Views increased 18.6%

Ecommerce Stats — Year over year growth from 2014 to 2015
     - Over 20 Million Barcodes sold in 2015 vs 12 Million in 2014
     - Revenue increased 42.64% in 2015

Geo Specific — Year over year growth from 2014 to 2015
     - China traffic increased 59.9%
     - United Kingdom traffic increased 43.9%

This is Just The Beginning 

Bar Codes Talk came to Acro Media with one objective: to make the buying process for barcodes and labels as easy as possible. 

With the power of Drupal and the custom solutions we developed, we can safely say with 100% confidence that we accomplished this objective. 

With Bar Codes Talk growing the way it is, we know that this is just the beginning. There will be more problems to solve, more custom solutions to build and more marketing strategies to scale. With Drupal, a platform that can grow with your business, Acro Media is more than ready to continue the journey with Bar Codes Talk. 

Project Statistics

  • Overall traffic increased by 28.8% in 2015
  • Revenue increased 42.64% in 2015
  • Over 20 Million Barcodes sold in 2015