Conversation, with a purpose.

You don’t need opinions or bias, you need facts. Ecommerce consultation allows your business to plan for your online evolution, with the future in mind. Leave legacy behind and join your customers online.

Experience the power of specialists backing up your business.

You know your business and customer’s needs. We know how to bring these needs together online so you can sell more.


What is covered in consultation?

Technical architecture — From integrations to new hardware, we can consult on every aspect of your tech stack, including hosting.

Customer experience — Planning every step of the customer journey to make sure it flows and converts.

Platform selection — Want to know what will work best for your business? Our consultants provide platform-agnostic advice. 

Data migration — Time for an upgrade to bigger and better things? We can advise the best way to go about migrating your data safely.

Content management systems — Your CMS influences your ability to adapt & innovate. We can help you find what will work for you.

Systems integrations — One of our core specialties is advising on and designing systems integrations that work right the first time.

Okanagan College Logo
Expertise, training, and guidance that complemented their in-house team and brought a new site to life.

Our consultation process revealed that Okanagan College already had a fully capable development team. All that was needed was some expert guidance and knowledge. Through our consulting services, Acro Media helped educate, train, and support their team and make their objectives a reality.

  • Identify the gaps, make the plan to close them.
  • Uncover the technical, business and customer specs.
  • Define scope and budget.
  • Expert guided experience through platform selection.
  • Discover your ideal architecture.
  • Come away with a blueprint to build your foundation.

"Our clients work with us through consultation exercises not just to learn about new software that they should use, but rather, discover the discussions they’ve failed to have internally with their own teams. The process of software consultation is as much about tech and platform architecture as it is about understanding how this will change and impact your physical business"

Matt Gomez, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Acro Media

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