Content control, person to person.

Collaboration is powered by workflow technology, allowing your team to create and produce content that matches your business needs. Enterprise content teams need to work in real-time through a single tool without tripping over each other.

Reach your goals

Room to grow your brand identity. Flexibility to serve your customers anywhere. Scalability to keep going. These are the tools your company needs to hit your targets. We assemble the best content management solutions, experts, and developers to help grow your online presence through the CMS you choose.

Clearly defined roles and permission allow for creative license while maintaining your brand’s voice and styling.

  • Ensures brand guidelines are front and centre.
  • Delivers consistent and timely content.
  • Improves timelines and reduces human error.
  • Allows your content creators to develop and publish content live on your site, without the help of IT.
  • Enables teams to work simultaneously, reducing bottlenecks.

Content governance

CMS governance is a set of policies, roles, responsibilities and processes that guide, direct and control how your content management system is used to accomplish your business’s goals. This system is brought to life by a content workflow tool in the backend of your enterprise tech setup.

Through a set of workflows and permissions, implemented in your CMS, you can align your people and content into a cohesive system. No more wondering who is doing what, or limiting your team.

Workflow in action

What CMS governance also means is that you are set up with an authoritative administrative structure that fixes policy and standards for your content. In plain speak, everyone has a set of rules to play with and makes sure that all content stays true to your brand.

Whether you manage a single website or deliver content through multiple channels, or multiple languages, your team can create, edit, review, approve and push live in a digitized workflow. This translates into greater message accuracy, improved productivity, brand affinity and ultimately a better customer experience. case study 

Digitally transforming your business means creating workflows that work for the entire business, not just ecommerce. Find out how we did it for a highly customized, almost bespoke, product.

IT content oversight & control without manual labour.

Even content development needs technical oversight. Workflows can allow for IT to guide content control from a secure and centralized platform.

  • Integrate content into current systems.
  • Feed centralized content to multiple channels.
  • Govern access, roles and permissions.
  • Provide data, analytics and system monitoring.

Directors can focus on what to say, not how it is being said.

Content workflows let leadership worry about making sure your message is being heard.

  • Refined roles and permissions ensure that the people talking are saying the right thing.
  • Have real-time data to monitor engagement.
  • Layout a roadmap that others can execute on.

Content workflows for B2B

The power of unified, customer-specific messaging has never been more important. Getting your business’s voice heard above the rabble is a daunting task.

With the right editorial workflows in place, you can take the guesswork out of your content creation. Not only can a CMS workflow enable you to publish media-rich product pages and gated product specs, but it will allow you to simultaneously publish across multiple platforms or your own language-specific sites for your B2B customers.

The more valuable content you publish, the higher chance you’ll be discovered by the potential first-time accounts you’re aiming to acquire. By publishing through a streamlined content workflow, you prove that you’re the market expert. Blogs, vlogs and social media interactions all become part of one cohesive message that brings new customers to your business and reminds your existing clients that they are working with an industry expert.

Streamlining content creation through powerful workflow technology is one of many paths to B2B digital transformation.

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