Print Canada

10,000 products, 117% increase in visitors, 30% less bounces and an 834% increase in page views... WOW!

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Drupal Integration
  • Ecommerce


Print Canada Store provides personalized products for weddings, baptisms, corporate functions and pretty much any other occasion you can think of. There’s a boat load of products for sale, all available for customization. On a slim budget, Print Canada needed to improve their site’s usability and overall appearance.

"New site launched in April 2014"


To keep Print Canada’s solution affordable, Acro Media started with our homemade Drupal eCommerce framework. The Acro team whipped up a custom creative design to skin the framework, and with a few customizations around products, Print Canada was able to get their new site live while sharing costs with the greater Drupal development community. The modular nature of Drupal allows clients to customize selections and choose additional add-ons as revenue grows, negating the need to break the bank to get a program up and running. At Acro Media, our goal is true ROI for our clients, not just money in our pockets.


A clean, simple design, Print Canada’s new website houses tens of thousands of products, easily tailored to your special occasion. Within the first two weeks of the new site launching, Print Canada has seen a 117% increase in visitors, 30% less bounces and an 834% increase in page views. The new site is the result of thinking big, but starting small to ensure revenues are firmly on track for the year.

Project Statistics

  • Over 90% revenue growth in 2015
  • Increased conversion rate 4.9%
  • Lowered bounce rate by 10%