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B2B Digital Transformation

B2B organizations need a partner that understands their complex ecosystems and can digitally transform their sales processes.



B2B buying behaviour has evolved. The elimination of in-person meetings from the traditional sales pipeline is the new reality and the shift to digital-only interaction is not going away.

According to Gartner research, organizations that put digital transformation strategies in place should expect 30% more revenue and a 20% reduction in costs than those that take a wait-and-see approach. If you aren't prioritizing digital commerce, you are leaving money on the table.

B2B companies need digital commerce solutions that focus on their immediate requirements while allowing for continued evolution and overall digital transformation.

According to Gartner research, organizations that put digital transformation strategies in place should expect 30% more revenue and a 20% reduction in costs than those that take a wait-and-see approach.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Solutions for established B2B companies

Many B2B organizations fail to launch digital commerce solutions because they believe their products are too complex to sell online or require a more traditional handshake-style sales relationship. The truth is, your business may be left behind if you aren't willing to evolve and move your sales reps, distributors and customer relationships online. If you can sell traditionally, you can learn to sell digitally. Ecommerce is not just for simple products. Configurable products and complex B2B ecosystems are challenging to digitize but our experience and expertise will make short work of your legacy problems and get your project online in months, not years.

Business mandates that we have helped our B2B clients solve

  • Digitizing to mirror and compliment the complexity of physical operations.
  • Exploring a direct-to-consumer sales channel without upsetting your distribution network.
  • Leveraging customer data to create intelligent solutions that increase revenue.
  • Connecting sales staff with online data for real-time stock, pricing, account details and warehousing information for improved customer experience.
  • Minimizing disruption to current business operations.
  • Empowering sales teams with new tools & systems designed to increase sales velocity.
  • Removing friction and creating effortless customer experiences.
  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders for a comprehensive solution outlook.
Case study strap

Case study strap


A look at how Acro Media created a flexible plan that allowed for our client’s COVID-affected budget & timeline, delivering the solutions they need right now and developing solutions for the future.

Successful B2B Digital Transformation

Successful B2B Digital Transformation

Successful B2B digital transformation

Digital transformation in B2B requires a new mindset but creating a company-wide desire for change can be somewhat difficult for established, mature companies. Involving company stakeholders in the strategic process makes creating that new hive mind easier. Digital transformation is a process; it needs to be road mapped and phased out as per business needs. Getting your entire B2B organization online can’t be done in one major project, it must be transitional. 

Developing a digital commerce strategy requires the coordination of all departments. Sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing, supply chain and customer service all have a part to play in any digital strategy. Excluding one of these teams in the construction of the strategy or technology will result in project complications or outright failure.

Acro Media's continuous innovation workflow

Discovery & strategy process

The heart of our successful project history is Acro Media’s discovery & strategy process. It allows B2B companies to build a blueprint for success and take on their project one step at a time.

Our Discovery is a collaborative process that allows you to explore the best possible options for your business, guided by our digital commerce experts. This phase is iterative, so you’re not locked into a predetermined spec list. This allows for choice and adaptability.

We always start in the same place. We talk. Some of our conversations might involve:

  • Industry knowledge share
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Current operations workflows
  • Front end user journey
  • Backend fulfillment process
  • Software integration needs

The goal at this phase is to uncover all the unique insights and business requirements that you have to create the perfect match between an open source framework and your business model.

We’ll guide you through a number of exercises and provide the tools to help you uncover the specifics of your needs. Whether you know them yet or not.

At this phase, we take a two-pronged approach. With an understanding of your business as a whole, which we got from our Discovery, we split our focus between the technical specifications and the information architecture. 

The brilliance of this phase is when we bring both of our strategy pieces together in a visualization. This allows you to see a working wireframe of your front end customer experience and the back end admin workflow.

Technical Specifications

This is the heavy lifting when it comes to deciding how the data will flow through systems. We create visual diagrams of the existing and ideal digital workflow and server architecture to give an understanding of what is changing and why.

We will identify:

  • What modules will be used
  • Any need for custom modules
  • What software components are needed
  • What 3rd party API integrations are needed

Information Architecture

This is a key piece of any web development project. It focuses primarily on the organization of the site and the impact on the front end user. We create a sitemap diagram of the primary, secondary and tertiary sections and pages of the site.

Some of the key elements that shape an IA:

  • User stories
  • Analytics
  • Competitor & reference sites
  • Conversion paths
  • Visualization

The visualization provides an interactive prototype so you can see exactly what we’re suggesting or recommending. This unique step allows us to interface with you, the client, to teach us the nuances of your business. We are meticulous and detailed at this phase to ensure that nothing is missed, overlooked or misrepresented.

As well, this stage is heavily weighted to include stakeholder involvement from all departments in your organization. This ensures that the framework meets everyone’s needs, not just those of the marketing team. Being that no code is being written at this stage, the more opinions, the better to get it right before the investment in actual development begins.

Rather than committing two million dollars to a project and waiting a year for it to get done, we break it down into an Agile development process of continuous innovation. This process ensures that B2B companies have the opportunity to complete important tasks like stakeholder interviews, internal audits and competitive analysis while keeping the project moving forward efficiently and effectively.

Stakeholder interview download

Stakeholder interview download

Custom B2B digital transformation cta

Custom B2B digital transformation cta

B2B digital transformation


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