Better connectivity, high availability.

A conservative, but bold, service-oriented architecture using microservices to connect siloed data will allow your company’s digital offerings to become scalable, predictable, and efficient.

Embrace meaningful architecture

What boundaries should there be between services?

Can teams align business results with their services?

Scalability vs. siloed data. What works best?

Would your team benefit from continuous delivery methods?

Simply put, microservices serve as a connection between major online features that operate independently from one another. When correctly connected through microservices, these systems and platforms progressively improve customer experience and operations. Combined integration through microservices increases the effectiveness of these architectural building blocks. At Acro Media, we help our clients find the architecture that works best for their business, now and in the future.

If you have microservices and need help expanding, we're great at using existing resources and working within APIs and various architectures to solve hard problems. If you think you need microservices, let us walk with you down that road to see just what kind of high-availability architecture or decoupled front end might be necessary.

Microservice Architecture Diagram

We are a digital commerce agency that integrates into your business. A true ally, building on-demand commerce solutions to match your company's needs.

Ecommerce & microservices

Headless is the right start

If your commerce engine is headless (meaning the front end is not powered by the backend), then you can fix bugs and improve your design as needed or upgrade your search index independently of your content management system.

Flexible content layout

Because of the emphasis on reusable components, React accelerates project timelines. As components are built from smaller components, every React project enjoys benefits from momentum multipliers.

Performance is sales

Customers expect fast page loads, solid shipping estimates, and unique digital experiences. Beware that some microservices architectures can introduce latency (slow pages). Loosely coupling some services, like product catalogs with stock and checkout rules that prevent delayed shipping can be critical.

Best-in-breed services

Choose the best product rating third party, get a specialized shipping and fulfillment integration, whatever it is, you can focus on investing in services that match your exact business needs.

SaaS vs. Microservices

Software as a service (SaaS): big, slow, and hard to change.
Choosing a single software as a service (SaaS) platform for your ecommerce services and other online tools can be a very affordable first step. Unfortunately, you often get locked into spending money for features you don’t need or paying heavily for customizations to the platform that fit your unique business.

Microservices: small, fast, and meant for agility.
Microservices (smaller services) are designed to work independently and allow for scalability and improved reliability. Going headless for your commerce core and adding on loosely coupled additional services as needed is a good way to out deliver specialty needs more efficiently than SaaS development can match.

Microservice vs. SaaS

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