Uncompromised security

Most proprietary e-commerce systems claim improved security over open source. Don’t be fooled. Open source technology can be just as secure, or more so.

Open Source eCommerce Platforms and Applications with Secured Content

In the case of Drupal Commerce, we’ll challenge any competitor to a duel.

With any software development, there are always weaknesses that get exposed over time. It’s the nature of the beast...just think Microsoft or Apple.

Many have been led to believe that open source is not built to the standards of proprietary systems, and sometimes this is correct. But keep in mind, proprietary systems can be built poorly as well. Here are two reasons why this is not the case here:

  1. Drupal Commerce with enterprise in mind. We’ve been doing e-commerce since 1998 and this expertise is ingrained in the product.
  2. The Drupal community has a dedicated security team that conducts analysis of core and contributed modules, many of which we base our version on. And with Drupal’s vast popularity, issues are exposed very quickly by the many thousands of developers who use it. These issues are reported back to the security team that handles analysis, reviews, testing and all communication to the community. Vulnerabilities are resolved very quickly, and if not, are recommended to be disabled until fixed.

Now, not every development shop is created equal. Just like any industry, there are the exceptional and the wannabes. Drupal on its own doesn’t mean an e-commerce site will meet all standards and regulations, such as PCI compliance. It must be set up correctly. Choosing the right partners for hosting, payment gateways and other necessary components is also important.

It’s a one-shot deal to stay on the right side of the compliance lines. Blow it and that could be the end of your business, so choose wisely.

Feel free to contact us for a complete overview of open source eCommerce applications and of how we ensure you’re in good hands.