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In the world of ecommerce, 2020 will be remembered as the year that transformed shoppers.

According to Signifyd, the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection, the number of new-to-ecommerce shoppers increased by 32.4% in 2020 and spent 163% more online than the newcomer class of 2019.

For B2C companies, having a smooth, user-friendly online payment process became non-negotiable overnight. With that came a host of scenarios that fraudsters were ready and willing to take advantage of.

Our live YouTube Q&A took place on May 5th, featuring a panel of ecommerce, online payment and fraud prevention specialists. We hope viewers gained insights on the changing ecommerce landscape for B2C companies and are now taking steps to protect their businesses.

Q&A topics

  • How has fraud changed because of COVID?
  • What can businesses do to prevent fraud?
  • How to identify and analyze your fraud controls to meet industry standards.
  • Finding the right fraud protection vendor for your company.
  • Best practices for how to secure and process online payments.
  • How to connect the dots on the backend for integration and hosting of fraud prevention.

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Acro Media

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Matt Gomez, Senior Business Developer, Acro Media

Meet your host

Matt Gomez

Director of Business Development, Acro Media

Matt works as a Senior Business Developer with the Acro Media team; a group of ecommerce architects and consultants, helping companies create limitless commerce experiences. Gomez works with clients that need to pair online and offline business operations and need the freedom to scale their practices for big events, like Black Friday.

Working for nearly a decade with online clients across verticals such as telecom, manufacturing, agtech and food, Matt has ground-level experience bringing clients up to industry leaders in ecommerce.

Matthew Vega, Director of Fraud Strategy & Chargebacks, BlueSnap

Meet your EXperts

Matthew Vega

Director of Fraud Strategy & Chargebacks, BlueSnap

Matt Vega is currently the Director of Fraud Strategy and Chargebacks at BlueSnap, a global payments technology company. Matt is responsible for the fraud strategy, chargeback strategy, fraud performance, counter-fraud technology utilization, merchant fraud optimization, fraud + chargeback operations, and fraud + chargeback performance evaluations for the thousands of businesses using BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payments platform around the world.  

Matt started his career in 2003 as an ecommerce fraud prevention analyst, working his way up into the leadership structure, and in 2010 became a U.S. Military (Army/NSA) Electronic Warfare & Intelligence Expert, graduating from the intelligence program with honours, and specialized in counter-fraud, intelligence analysis, and defensive electronic warfare.

Eric Hartwell, Partner Manager, Signifyd

Eric Hartwell

Partner Manager, Signifyd

Eric is a Partner Manager at Signifyd, the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection, enabling online retailers to provide a friction-free buying experience for their customers. Signifyd leverages big data, machine learning and domain expertise to provide a 100 percent financial guarantee against fraud. Signifyd's Commerce Protection Platform comprises three distinct solutions—Revenue Protection, Abuse Prevention, & Payments Compliance.  

Prior to his Partner role, Eric spent two years on the sales team onboarding merchants into the Signifyd network.

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