Ecommerce Consulting Services

During our ecommerce consulting services we remain platform agnostic and work with online retailers to help them identify major digital business pains, understand the impact to the business, and guide them to a solution.

Understand your pains

Understand your pains

We have ecommerce consultants for your biggest digital commerce problems

Some of the common pains we help solve

Often online retailers don't realize the serious impact these problems have on their business. If these pains go unresolved you could be facing:

  • Low conversion rates & lost revenue
  • Expensive & time consuming replatforming projects
  • Increased manual workflows and decreased operational efficiency
  • Difficulty reacting quickly to market changes
  • Negative customer experience & low retention
  • Loss of market share & competitive edge
  • Inability to innovate
True business solutions

True business solutions

Consulting on the right commerce architecture for online business

Develop true business solutions with ecommerce consultants

Work with a team of experts to guide you through consulting activities that are designed to explore the best possible options for your business. This work is iterative and platform agnostic, you are not locked into a predetermined spec list or limited by core competencies. This is a discovery that helps determine the type of solution your business needs and how to move forward with actionable next steps.



Our ecommerce consultants can facilitate the creation of a robust I.A.

Information Architecture

This document is the blueprint for an ecommerce site. What content makes up the site and how it's organized, all tied back to research and understanding user motivations and business objectives. Our ecommerce consultants can facilitate the creation of a robust I.A. that will serve as the starting point for any development project through the following activities:

  • Web analytics review
  • Competitor reviews
  • User journeys
  • Sitemap diagrams
  • Content inventory

Prototyping ensures better UX/UI and less development time


Prototyping is a low-fidelity (wireframe) website designed to allow project teams and customers to experience specific page flow and functionality, before going into full development. It’s relatively low cost, and allows for plenty of iterations and pivoting. This ensures better UX/UI and less development time. Work directly with a UX Designer consultant on any of the following prototyping activities:

  • Visualization project
  • Checkout workflow
  • Product workflow
  • Fulfillment workflow

Audits assess a web project's health and provides valuable insight


We perform audits from both a user experience and technical perspective. These audits assess a web development project's current health and provide valuable insight as to what needs to be improved for better site performance and deployment. Work directly with our UX researchers, Software architects, and Technical engineers (DevOps, Performance, Security) through any of these audits:

  • Performance audit
  • Deployment audit
  • Security audit
  • Hosting audit
  • Code audit
  • Tech Stack audit 
  • User Experience audit
  • User Experience testing

Technical architecture ensures all parts of the tech stack interact correctly

Technical Architecture

For any project that requires a lot of integrations or custom functionality this technical architecture documentation is invaluable. The technical architecture ensures all parts of the tech stack interact correctly and functionality requirements are met. You work directly with our Software architects to map out the technical and business logic information about the entire flow of the development project through:

  • API specifications
  • Hosting architecture
  • Deployment process
  • Reporting


Essential ecommerce resources

Our blog and resource sections are full of insightful ecommerce thought leadership to introduce you to innovative ideas, help you through decision making, and guide you towards the best possible solutions. 

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Book an Expert CTA

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