Sometimes you have to streamline and automate in order to move forward.

  • Drupal Integration
  • Custom Drupal Module
  • Ecommerce


Metrin specializes in the production and sale of high-end skin care products. Metrin sells to both affiliates (franchisees), who resell the products, as well as direct to consumer.

Initially, Metrin did not have a public-facing shop. They were in the process of having a website built on Drupal 7 when the agency undertaking the build closed its doors, leaving Metrin with a half-built site. After losing the agency, Metrin set out to find a new agency who could take on the existing build, finish it and successfully launch the new website

"We created an integration for automatic shipping with FedEx, UPS and Canada Post"


The first part of the project involved diving into the code and understanding what was built, half completed, or not even started. This was challenging because we had to interpret code written by other developers, which was not structured as efficiently as it could have been. We began with a ground zero audit to document and review all of the broken pieces and amend them. 

We developed two different modules called Affiliate and Legacy, which together created a system for managing the different levels of users and their commission percentages. Affiliate was created to serve Metrin’s existing clients as this system previously required commissions to be calculated manually.  Legacy was created to automate commission payments for new and future customers. Creating these modules was a heavily logic-oriented process. The final product ended up being completely unique to Metrin’s business, not least because of the company's multiple warehouses.

One of the big challenges of the build was mapping out the logic for fulfillment and shipping. Metrin had to be able to quickly send out product labels as needed to each franchise. This was initially a manual process; all labels were produced and shipped from head office and would have to go to each shipping company directly to get dimensions and prices.

Multiple warehouse inventory management from website

We created an integration for automatic shipping with FedEx, UPS and Canada Post. We also created the functionality to allow for international shipping in the future. This worked hand-in-hand with the tax cloud module, which allows automatic daily updates of tax changes for each state in the U.S. This was another big time saver that significantly simplified the shipping process.

Also, PHP7 was implemented to increase the speed of the site, which was particularly important for mobile users. With PHP7 powering the site, the average server response time was 2.5x faster than with the previous PHP5 install.

Increased Drupal site speed with PHP7


Once the build was complete, Metrin’s site allowed it to streamline its processes, resulting in a  dramatic reduction in man hours needed to operate the company. This created a more profitable business than they were experiencing before moving to Drupal.