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Jared Seminoff


Jared Seminoff

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April 8, 2020

Bringing personalization to commerce with Acquia Lift

In digital commerce, personalization is key. Today's consumers expect brands to deliver relevant, individualized content during the shopping experience. However, Gartner's analytics data shows a canyon-sized gap between what consumers want and what they see online.

The rise of experience-driven commerce means that this traditional buying funnel is no longer the only journey. Richer product experiences, narrative driven, social, or lifestyle-oriented journeys can better drive conversion for some product types. Integration to social networks, home digital devices and other touchpoints create new journeys that require interoperation with the digital commerce platform.1

Remember: Customer loyalties are only as strong as their experience with a brand. It’s too easy to move to a competitor after a poor experience.

But in order to build a personalized digital experience, you need the right tools. That's why Acro Media is excited to join Acquia’s Lift Solution Partners program. Together, Acquia and Acro Media are bridging the gap left by monolith ecommerce platforms by giving brands the tools and guidance they need to build personalized shopping experiences for their customers.

Why Personalization is important for ecommerce

When each customer receives a tailored experience, it:

  • Allows them to find what they want more quickly
  • Boosts brand loyalty
  • Increases conversions


Companies that don’t personalize effectively risk alienating their customer base. In fact, an Accenture study found that one-third of customers who gave up on a brand did so due to lack of personalization.

What is Acquia Lift and how does it help close the personalization void?

Acquia Lift is the only personalization tool in the market built with the open source content management system Drupal in mind, but its use isn’t exclusive to Drupal. By using Lift, marketers are able to utilize the no-code application to easily produce, update and manage content.

The best part is that you don’t need strong technical acumen to use Lift. In the new unified user interface, marketers can implement personalization measures and apply them to an entire network of websites.

Check out this video for a deeper look into Lift.

Eric Fullerton, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Acquia, also wrote a great piece on Acquia’s position in the market and why personalization is important. Check out his blog here.

What does this mean for digital commerce companies?

By leveraging open source technology for commerce (Drupal) and tools designed with it in mind (Acquia Lift), you can:

Unleash the creative beast

Create personalized shopping experiences for your customers based on demographics, geography, the time of year, or any other persona outlines you can think of. This leads to a fantastic buying experience and more return customers.

Connect all the dots

Integrate with the newest technology, whether that’s a CRM, CMS, martech, or a legacy system that you can’t live without (even if it’s archaic and has strict requirements that must be met).

Rule them all

Consolidate management of content and commerce data for seamless workflows and customer experiences.

Move at supersonic speed

Own your own code and update your product roadmap as needed. No more waiting on monolithic SaaS road-maps that may not apply to your business.

Host anywhere

Host your website wherever you want. Don’t get vendor-locked by your ecommerce platform.

Scale for performance

Open source kept running during the iPhone 6s pre-order when even Apple’s website went down. See the case study here.

Digital commerce tools and strategies

Acro Media is a digital commerce consultation and development company that leverages open source to give our clients the tools and strategies to create a personalized customer journey that suits their unique brand and product. Since Acquia Lift is built with Drupal (the open source CMS - read more about it in Mike Hubbard’s Drupal vs. WordPress blog here) in mind, it brings the power of Acquia’s digital transformation initiative to the thriving open source ecommerce community.

Tools like Lift help online retailers craft their ideal customer experience. Does personalization suit your business? Is your business ready to start using Lift right now? We can help you answer these questions and more. Book a no-obligation call today.


1 - Source: Gartner, "Harness the Core Capabilities of Digital Commerce Platform," 4 September 2019, Mike Lowndes, Christina Klock.