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Online memberships and organizations have complex histories; architect the experience of your community on the web without compromise.

Reach your goals

Mature membership organizations need to maintain the same sense of community online and offline; offering courses, payments and collateral offline is no longer an option. These tools are an online must-have in the new normal.

Successfully bringing membership groups online needs a deep understanding of your members, your model, and what delicate practices must remain the same. Our experience offers you tools to allow for complex subscription payments online, regional variations, building digital courses and schools, and connecting systems and members globally. We become an extension of your team and your community to allow your organization to digitally transform.

Digital transformation in membership organizations is always led by a panel of passionate, visionary chairs. Let’s work together.

A digital transformation increases:

  • Your ability to hit global revenue targets.
  • Being able to share your goals with your members.
  • Alignment by connecting your community and operations with tech.

Membership organizations

Make sure your organization’s legacy transitions into the future, using technology. While membership organizations were typically born from a group of like-minded individuals coming together in person to share resources and make a change as a whole, we must consider that this experience is now held largely online.

Members of your community are choosing to do their research online, purchasing subscriptions, accessing courses, resources, making donations and communicating digitally. Using an integrated approach your site can deliver memberships and subscription models (for profit, or not-for-profit) that are custom-built for your group; honouring the nuances of that relationship. Online donations, subscriptions and annual membership fees can all be processed online, globally, automating manual payments and increasing efficiency. Tax receipt generation, accessible programs and community building. This is what digital landscapes can be.

Built-in accessibility and highly personalized content will boost membership growth, connecting your community and building relationships. Through interactive content, targeted resources or online courses, the possibilities for new revenue streams become limitless. Reach new markets and expand your reach with scalability and flexibility.

Member Service Requirements - Registration, Donations, Subscriptions and Payments

Metrin Case Study

Building the right ecommerce platform for franchise and distributor networks. Improved functionality for a unique set of members, and a flexible backend that streamlined accounting and fulfillment operations.

Read how we solved for multiple problems with open source solutions.

Empower your IT team to drive change.

Bringing member’s personal information and payments online brings risk. Ensure your plan includes IT’s voice to guide change from a secure and realistic perspective.

  • Moving membership data securely online.
  • Automating a complex membership subscription model.
  • Considering subgroups and associations within the team.
  • Integration into current systems.
  • Working with existing member databases and CRMs.
  • Govern access, roles and permissions.

Allow your marketing team to tell your story.

Telling the story of your members and why they came together is a powerful tool. Marketers need a web portal that can:

  • Tell a group’s story with images, writing, videos, and full flexibility.
  • Provide automation, workflows, editing, writing, approvals, reviews.
  • Integrate into their backend systems and get IT approval.
  • Serve multi-language markets.
  • Offer social integrations.

B2B membership: collaboration, not competition

Digital transformation for B2B membership organizations is about connecting industry-leading companies to share governance and tools to increase learning through online certification programs or workshops. Centralized manuals, spec sheets, PDFs, and courses can now all be housed in one place for multiple companies within a membership as a content repository.

Conventions, expos, workshops, social events, auctions, speaking events and other in-person ceremonies took a major hit in 2020. For a lot of B2B organizations, especially member-based associations, that meant losing out on connecting to collaborate or generate revenue. In the digital landscape, we are starting to see the leaders hold these events online. Event sign-ups, tickets, booth and table sign up or any event-specific condition you need can now be handled through a digital platform.

For B2B membership associations, for-profit and not-for-profit, the power of digital transformation is the ease of sharing. You can use the power of the membership organization to build the digital infrastructure once and use it as many times as you need. This way you are pooling resources to benefit the good of the entire membership.

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