Improved workflow. Better results.

Building digital-first processes to increase operations visibility and generate flexibility across production environments.

Automation in manufacturing

Increased operational efficiency.

Improved data connectivity.

Generate D2C revenue streams.

ERP integrations for continuity.

Manufacturing organizations today have many moving parts. Various departments working in silos require the need for manual data entry to maintain operations. Inefficient project management processes and manual ordering processes with suppliers are prime examples of where workflow and business automation tools can increase time savings and efficiency.

At the end of the day what your business wants to do is save time. Think about it. If you can save 30 hours a month because you have solid business processes and automation setup, that's an extra 30 hours a month you and your staff get to leverage to grow your business. Business workflow automation is powerful; it gives you the ability to scale your business much faster than if you had to do things manually.

30 hours

We are a digital commerce agency that integrates into your business. A true partner, building on-demand solutions to match your company’s digital automation needs.

Business automation solutions

At Acro Media, our ecommerce software consultants help clients evaluate their current workflows and processes and our subject matter experts provide insight on what integrations can improve efficiency with the client's ecommerce ecosystem. Our workflow automation solutions give companies tools that aid in:

Improved collaboration

Building efficient communication platforms and workflows allows your teams to get the information they need faster and stay aligned with business goals. Improved communication with external vendors streamlines purchasing processes.

Eliminating “swivel chair”

A “swivel chair process” is when data is manually entered into multiple systems; keying data in one system, then swivelling your chair and entering it into another one. With digital systems integrations, duplicate data entry effort can be eliminated.

Shifting focus to D2C

Add a direct-to-consumer revenue stream with an ecommerce platform that supports both B2B and D2C sales. Efficient order fulfillment, shipment tracking, secure payments, and customer service management are all keys to strong growth.

Supply chain visibility.

Consistent experience and brand story is key to staying top-of-mind. Create consistent and valuable experiences across touchpoints both on and off site.

Resiliency through Agile development

Digital initiatives such as workflow automation, CMS governance and improving data connectivity through integrations can be large line items to handle on their own. By incorporating an Agile development method and partnering with the right digital agency, each of these initiatives can be brought online through continuous integration, phased delivery and strategic deployment.

Operational improvements and increased efficiency will pave the path to building resiliency to future disruptions. It will also provide a stable platform for your manufacturing organization to scale and grow.

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