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Ecommerce personalization allows brands to build stronger relationships, enhance trust and encourage loyalty. Creating a personal connection between your brand and your customer can increase conversion, drive repeat sales and improve brand perception.

Personalization efforts work best when they are synced across customer touchpoints. From visiting your website to the marketing messages they receive in their inbox, customers develop an attachment when they receive personalized service. 

By developing strategies based on known customer information (sales history, account details, location, preferences, etc.) businesses can strengthen customer loyalty and increase revenue by offering that extra special experience.

Our live YouTube Q&A took place on June 8th, featuring ecommerce experts and personalization specialists to find out how your business can benefit by implementing personalization strategies across all your digital channels.

Q&A topics

  • What is personalization and how does it work?
  • What does personalization achieve?
  • What are some best practices for personalization?
  • What metrics should you watch to justify the investment?
  • Common misconceptions around personalization.

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Acro Media

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Matt Gomez, Senior Business Developer, Acro Media

Meet your host

Matt Gomez

Director of Business Development, Acro Media

Matt works as a Senior Business Developer with the Acro Media team; a group of ecommerce architects and consultants, helping companies create limitless commerce experiences. Gomez works with clients that need to pair online and offline business operations and need the freedom to scale their practices for big events, like Black Friday.

Working for nearly a decade with online clients across verticals such as telecom, manufacturing, agtech and food, Matt has ground-level experience bringing clients up to industry leaders in ecommerce.

Travis Breier, Product Marketing Manager, Demandbase

Meet your EXpert

Travis Breier

Product Marketing Manager, Demandbase

Travis is a Product Marketing Manager at Demandbase with close to 5 years of experience leveraging Account-Based Personalization in a sales, CX & product marketing capacity. He currently owns product marketing for Demandbase’s Personalization and Orchestration products, helping execute their go-to-market strategies with a long-term vision for revenue growth.

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