Prepare your business for a successful software transition.

Play-by-play for management

Actionable evaluation plan to get your company moving forward.

Running software past its EOL date puts your digital business at risk. Indicators your business may be on a bumpy road ahead are:

  • The cost of maintaining your software is higher than the revenue it brings in.
  • Maintainers & supporters of the software you use have moved on to new versions.
  • Your business model has evolved and no longer fits your software requirements.
End of Life ebook cover

The danger of staying on this path include:

  • Compromised security
  • Lack of reliability kills innovation
  • Higher operational costs

This action plan will teach you how to:

  • Determine your budget 
  • Develop your technical roadmap
  • Build a communication plan
  • Finalize your action plan checklist
  • Score your company readiness
  • Evaluate your deliverables and decisions
Set the foundation for a seamless transition today!