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Essential conversations for digital project success.

Any digital transformation needs to start with a solid plan. Our ecommerce software consultants use the 25 topics covered in this guide as jumping-off points to build better plans for our clients. Now you can use our proven method to build your own plan for a successful outcome.

The better the plan, the better the project.

You are experts in your field, and you know your markets, your products, your customers. But expanding your business in the ecommerce space is a whole different game. Coming up with your exact strategy and plan for change should take some time and more than a few conversations around key areas of your business.

Every plan needs a starting point. Examining these 3 areas and then jumping into our additional 22 topics of conversation will get your project going in the right direction:

  • Discovery — Outline the details of your project, your business and your expectations.
  • Current operations — Take a hard look at your existing digital systems, staff and workflows.
  • Pain points and roadblocks — Dive into current and potential hazards and find solutions.

This action plan will teach you how to:

  • Identify areas where outside expertise will ensure project completion.
  • Get sign-off from your internal stakeholders, making sure everyone is on board for digital change.
  • Create a transparent communication plan that keeps everyone informed every step of the way.

From there, further conversations will help you define:

  • Technical research options that are secure and realistic to take to your IT team.
  • An action plan and evaluation mechanisms for your deliverables and decisions.

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Ecommerce consultation planning guide

Use this guide to identify the essential conversations you need to have with your teams and stakeholder group to ensure that your project is successful, from planning to implementation.

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