Top digital commerce trends for manufacturing.

Read the report for insight into the technology that gives manufacturing leaders their competitive advantage.


Eight essential digital commerce trends

Eight essential digital commerce trends for manufacturing

Use this report to learn how top manufacturers adopt digital technology that makes them leaders in their industry.

  • Improve supply chain resiliency lessening the impact of disruptions and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increase operational efficiency and systems connectivity for improved data flow and accuracy in reporting.
  • Use automation to improve workflows, reduce labour costs and improve profitability.

The eight trends in this report highlight how data management, business automation, and digital commerce are the primary tools leaders in manufacturing are using for digital transformation to gain a competitive edge.

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60% of manufacturing operations minimize human and data errors

Returns cost time and money. Manually processing them costs even more.

Operational improvements and increased efficiency will pave the path to building resiliency to future disruptions. 

Return automation will also provide a stable platform for your manufacturing organization to scale and grow.

“Automation is a big opportunity to reduce manual work. Rather than pulling data, your engineers are freed up to analyze the data.” — Gary Harbison, CISO of Bayer, from KPMG’s Embrace automation as the rising star.

Benefits of manual process automation include

  • Increased collaboration and communication between departments.
  • Ability to use returns data to identify production or product improvements.
  • Improved customer relationships.

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