Understanding the three approaches to digital commerce archtiecture.

An optimal commerce architecture is required to innovate the customer experience, grow effectively, and stay atop your industry.

Companies that chose a SaaS-based platform to power their digital commerce may not have foreseen how this could negatively affect their future integration abilities, development paths, and customer experience. They are being forced to conform to the core competencies and vendor-locked partner ecosystem of a single commerce platform that was never intended to house a complex digital ecosystem.

Are you feeling the pains of poor commerce architecture?

  • Inability to adopt new 3rd party tools/software quickly and effectively
  • Failure to properly integrate with legacy or in-house platforms
  • Unable to modify commerce components for customized features
  • Slow to implement new market opportunities
  • Increased costs to support manual workflows instead of software automation
  • Lack of innovation for creating the ideal customer experience

All of these issues affect an organization's bottom line.

Understanding the different approaches to digital commerce architecture show companies the best approach for the future of their digital business.

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Understanding the Three Approaches to Digital Commerce Architecture

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