Ecommerce Software Consultation

Ecommerce Software Consultation

What an ecommerce software consultant provides:

  • Expert teams & technical experts ONLY while you need them
  • Knowledge and input based on your project goal, not politics
  • A different perspective based on gained experience
  • Overall project cost savings with expert guidance
How to leverage ecomm consultants

How to leverage ecomm consultants

How to leverage ecommerce consultants

Areas you may be looking for help in:

What we bring to your project

What we bring to your project

Ebook download

Ebook download

Essential conversations for digital project success

Our ecommerce software consultants use the 25 topics covered in our consultation guide as conversation starters to roadmap better plans for our clients. Now you can use our proven method to build your own plan for a successful digital project.

Our experts intro

Our experts intro

Your ad-hoc experts


Collaboration to get the digital solutions your business needs.

Digital businesses are growing at a rapid pace and it’s challenging to both do your job and properly plan for what’s to come next. Luckily, you don’t have to do it by yourself or hire staff to do it for you.

Working with our software consultants, you will be guided down a path that meets your business needs and optimizes your technology to work for you. This doesn’t mean we run your business, it means we work with you to continuously innovate and improve your business in whatever way you want or need.

Our experts

Our experts

Our subject matter experts include:

Save time and money with well-planned project deployments. Companies struggling to transform ideas into plans that accommodate all stakeholders will likely struggle to launch seamless solutions. Our BD’s provide knowledge around industry tools, resourcing, and timelines, providing a clear outlook to ensure you don’t run up against development roadblocks.

Questions you might ask
  • What are our options to deploy in a restricted timeline?
  • We are looking to replace a component of our ecommerce ecosystem. Where do we begin?
  • What are the most appropriate tools for team collaboration?
  • Should I use open source or SaaS-based solutions?
  • Is open source ecommerce software a good choice of my business model?

Capitalize on emerging trends, company innovation & new revenue streams. Companies unable to adopt or adapt their tech will quickly lose market share. Our marketing strategists provide insight into your current strategies, areas of opportunity and what tools or functionality can strengthen your go-to-market strategies.

Questions you might ask
  • How can we enter new markets effectively?
  • We struggle with aligning sales, marketing and IT. What do you suggest?
  • Our focus is lead generation and increasing conversions, what are we missing with current strategies?
  • What standard KPI's or benchmarks should we be reporting on?
  • What channels should we focus our marketing efforts on?

Ensure an optimal user experience from content to cart to checkout. When website features and functionality are being developed, businesses need to make sure that any change not only looks good, but also functions properly. A poorly designed user experience has a direct impact on bounce rate, cart abandonment, & conversion rates. Our UX insights team provides unbiased feedback regarding your current website, sharing recommendations, industry standards and best practices.

Questions you might ask
  • Our customers/users often complain about this section/workflow, how can we improve it?
  • We are trying to improve our conversion rate, where can we improve?
  • In what ways can we use personalization to improve our customer’s experience?
  • What metrics or key performance indicators should be considered when looking to improve our user experience?
  • Our site/system feels dated and not as professional as we’d like; how can we improve?

Remove obstacles that limit innovation, prolong development time, or hinder business growth. A website infrastructure that is unable to keep up with demand causes poor site performance and downtime during large traffic swings. Our DevOps Engineers provide insight and expertise to combine IT and software development to promote the continuous delivery of software improvements while also ensuring the underlying server infrastructure is optimized for your needs.

Questions you might ask
  • How do we continue to improve our site without worrying if something will break?
  • How do we collaborate between our teams and our developers to develop new features?
  • Our business is growing. How do we know our servers will handle this growth?
  • Our infrastructure costs are very high. Where can we potentially save money?
  • Deploying new features requires downtime for the site, can this be avoided?

Improve your overall customer experience with fast load times and secure servers. Businesses that experience downtime during major sales events lose revenue and customer loyalty. Our Performance and Security Engineers provide recommendations to positively affect load times, bounce rates, search ranking and customer experience. Talking to our Engineers ensures your online business meets or exceeds industry performance and security standards.

Performance questions you might ask
  • Why are our pages loading slowly?
  • Our site is crashing during high traffic periods. What can we do to improve this?
  • How can we ensure our site performs under high traffic volumes?
  • How well would our infrastructure handle increasing traffic due to growth?
  • We’ve had significant performance decreases or downtime during Black Friday sales, how do we stop this?
Security questions you might ask
  • Our past developer left on bad terms, can you ensure our software is up to date?
  • Our data is being leaked and we don’t know where to start?
  • Somehow new content or unwanted spam was added to our site, why is this happening?
  • How do we know our checkout or customer information is secure?

Stay within budget and on-time with realistic schedules and prioritized planning. Development projects are famous for catching non-technical teams off guard causing projects to surpass deadlines and budgets. Our Software Architects collaborate with you to create detailed blueprints for implementation of new software, integrations and APIs. Talk to a software architect to gain a better understanding of the true scope of your project.

Questions you might ask
  • We would like to see this feature implemented, what would it require?
  • We are currently developing our project and have hit a roadblock, what are our options?
  • This is too big for our team to finish while maintaining operations. What can be done?
  • Do collaboration tools exist to balance the needs of stakeholders with the work being done by developers?
  • What should a development plan look like to be successful and on time and budget?
  • How can we integrate systems for better data flow?

Influence updates and features that take place to the core software. When you come across bugs or features you require it can be concerning how much additional development and support you’ll need. This is where it pays to have influence. Acro Media staffs some big names in the open source ecommerce community as well as help to maintain and extend the software. Utilize our influence and expertise to get your features built and improve everyone's experience.

Questions you might ask
  • We use open source software but don’t know how to get features built. What can we do?
  • We can’t be the only one with this specific platform issue. Why are we the only ones working to solve it?
  • How can we utilize the open source community of developers to offset development costs?
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We genuinely want to help.

We can only do so much without talking to your team directly, so why not book an introduction with one of our ecommerce analysts who is NOT trying to "sell you something." We genuinely want to help because your business is our business. With no strings attached, let’s have a frank discussion.

After your complimentary session with one of our subject matter experts, you decide whether you want to go further or never talk to us again. It’s in your hands, 100%. If you found value and want to work with us further, you’ll have access to all of our analysts, all the time, whenever you need it. Think of us as your new interim CTO.