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A Drupal POS for Omnichannel Commerce

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Is your POS ready to execute Omnichannel strategies?

The term omnichannel is no longer a buzzword; it’s a very real expectation for consumers and the number one challenge for retailers. In 2016, online sales have become more customer-centric than ever before. Advances in mobile technology have given consumers constant and instant access to information. They expect their favorite brands to be able to deliver an integrated shopping experience across all channels and devices complete with personalized content, consistent product information, and simple conversion paths.

The final cog in the Drupal digital experience platform

We have always believed Drupal to be a digital experience platform, and now with the Drupal POS we have a complete commerce solution. This platform can truly marry all retail operations from inventory & order management, accounting, CRMs, ERPs, payment gateways, shipping vendors, analytics systems, and marketing platforms to create a cohesive ecosystem between online and in-store.

Open source provides a single source of data

Web Point of Sale Open Source and eCommerce Website and Security Integration

Did you know 45% of retailers cited poor data quality as a reason for not being able to create omnichannel strategies?

The issue is retailers are relying on a number of sources for different pieces of data and have multiple systems sending and receiving information that it becomes convoluted and difficult to maintain. An open source platform like Drupal Commerce that runs a single source of data allows you to integrate all your business systems and selling channels directly to the source and gives you access to every piece of data you could imagine.

What most POS systems do is duplicate the functionality of your website as best they can and if changes are made, the data is updated either manually or in batches, usually once a night. This leaves you managing multiple platforms, each with their own backend, and has the potential for a lot of errors depending on how many orders you process or how often you update your content.

The Drupal POS allows your brick and mortar store to become a part of your website and both online and instore operations run off a single system, this is powerful functionality.


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