Customize publishing rules for content control

If you don’t already know, content is king. Those over-powered search giants continue to crack down on anything they decide is a shady SEO practice. The only thing that seems to matter is content, and lots of it.

The importance of new content generation has placed a heavy burden on businesses who are extremely busy with regular site administration. Those lucky enough to be able to regularly create content are worried about the quality of the content. After all, brand reputation is at stake.

Drupal eCommerce Platform Open Source for Content Publishing

Drupal Commerce has been built with this in mind. It can be fully customized to handle any complex publishing and content workflows you require. Here are a few examples of how this and content management system integration can work:

Content Management System Integration and Enterprise eCommerce Platforms

Have a user or team dedicated to drafting new content. Set up an administrator to review and edit draft submissions, and have another administrator who is responsible for publishing it live.

Drupal Customizable Products and CRM eCommerce Integration

Have assigned department heads that control certain aspects of your web properties. Simply give each of them their own unique administrative privileges and tool sets. This can be specific to website sections or even elements on a page.

Content Management System Integration and Responsive Web Design eCommerce

Keep things simple by drafting content and publishing it in one simple step.