An e-commerce buffet of features

Drupal Commerce is so flexible that it’s difficult to describe.

Drupal eCommerce Platform Open Source Features Chalk Board

Well, the truth is, the platform naturally adapts to the market on a daily basis. When a need arises, someone builds a module to deal with it and then releases it back to the community. 

Functionality can be built to do exactly what you need it to, whenever you need it to.

We have thousands of pre-built modules that can be used for virtually anything you desire. You pick the components you want, plug-and-play style. In most cases, the modules will work for you as they are, but should you require something unique, it can be modified or built from scratch to your exact specs. 

This is where most customers cock their head sideways like a confused dog. It’s hard for most to grasp the concept that functionality isn’t locked down, and that changes won’t cost a fortune or take months or years to roll out.

We've highlighted a few main functional components and described how each can be customized to demonstrate how powerful this commerce engine is. 

Catalog and pricing management outside the norm

Our catalog management solution is anything but ordinary. Sure, Drupal Commerce can accommodate simple requirements, but where it really shines is in its ability to flex outside the norm.

Whether you have a unique product, digital offering, subscription service or standard list of SKUs, Drupal Commerce is the most robust platform to serve up your offerings in unique and meaningful ways to maximize on sales.

The Vault Pro Scooters Example of Drupal Customizable Products

In addition to the standard e-commerce catalog functions, Drupal Commerce also allows you to:

  • Integrate Cross-Selling with Custom Drupal eCommerce Solutions

    Integrate cross-selling and upselling into any part of the cart and checkout process

  • Drupal eCommerce Platform Open Source

    Establish custom bundling options for customer savings.

  • Affordable Digital eCommerce Platform and Drupal Web Services

    Create pricing strategies based on a campaign, an account status or a user’s personal purchase history.

  • Custom Drupal eCommerce Solutions and Enterprise Site Search

    Build custom coupons for one-time use or set time periods.

  • Cart and Checkout with Drupal eCommerce Platform Open Source

    Market a single product with multiple product landing pages.

Enterprise site search

Apache Solr open source enterprise site searchWhat if you could provide your customers a search tool that truly delivered exactly what they were looking for?

Drupal Commerce uses Apache Solr’s open source enterprise site search.

Solr powers many of the largest internet websites on the planet. Businesses choose Solr for its scalability and reliability, as well as its ability to make searching useful and easy for both the customer and administrator. And the best part? It ties perfectly into Drupal Commerce, allowing you to search both the product database and any or all of the site content, however you would like it configured.

Top-level features include:

  • Full-text search — phrases, wildcards joins and grouping
  • Enterprise monitoring and metrics 
  • Near real-time indexing
  • Indexing of rich media such as PDFs and Word documents
  • Search results clustering
  • Faceted search and filtering
  • Location-based search
  • Auto-complete
  • Spelling corrections & recommendations
  • Performance controls
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Extensive configuration modules 

Cart and checkout

Cart abandonment ... makes you shiver just thinking about it.

We understand the cart and checkout process is where a website makes it or breaks it. The functionality within Drupal Commerce is no different from the rest of the platform in terms of flexibility. We can finesse this functionality in any way deemed necessary to maximize conversions. 

We like to brag about building the absolute easiest checkout process available while complying with all governing rules. Our research is based on the biggest e-commerce studies conducted in the industry, along with our own 16 years of e-commerce experience.

We’re not here to meet the industry standard abandonment stats — we strive to crush them.

It’s the small details that make all the difference.

  • An account is automatically created when a user goes to check out.
  • The cart allows you to estimate shipping and taxes to save users from going through the entire checkout process to see what the final total will be.
  • We use IP tracking to guess their location, with the option to change it.
  • The checkout process shows a user where they are in the process at all times.
  • A user is never required to enter the same information twice for any digital touchpoint.
  • A user’s information can be captured in two fields, Name and Address. We use Google to auto-complete the entire address field, including zip/postal code.
  • The billing address is only required if it’s different from the shipping address.
  • Field descriptions are included to show what’s required for formatting credit card or phone numbers.
  • Multiple payment methods, including bitcoin, are accepted.
  • You can do immediate post-transaction upsells without requiring the user to re-enter credit card details.

Cart and Checkout with Drupal eCommerce Platform Open Source

Order management

Yes, the back end of the system is just as customizable as the front end, and we know that this is where the bottom line can be eroded by cumbersome processing. What’s the point of selling stuff if you’re just going to give it away in time and wages? It has to be easy. We can automate whatever makes sense. 

The standard out-of-the-box features include:

  • Credit card security and address verification
  • Standard or customized order status notifications
  • Shipping label functionality
  • CRM tools for self service
  • Admin and order modification tools
  • RMA processing
  • Multi-site order fulfillment
  • Recurring orders
  • Financial system integration
  • Fully custom taxation and shipping rules
  • Reporting tools

The data captured here is the backbone for your future success. We know how much time can be eaten up by cumbersome stats. The data crunchers in your business will be happy to know we can customize any of the tools above to give them whatever they need.

Unmatched content management

Drupal Commerce is in a league of its own when it comes to content management. 

You see, the competitor started building e-commerce software with the intent to catalog and sell products. That worked great for a while, but as you know, content has become incredibly important for both brand experience and search engine optimization. 

Bar Code Talk website, a Perfect Example of Digital eCommerce PlatformE-commerce providers have been forced to add content management to their platforms by either building their own or adding the ability to integrate with third-party suppliers. This results in disjointed user experiences and cumbersome site administration.

Drupal Commerce started as a world-class content management system and then integrated e-commerce functionality. 

E-commerce is built right into the content management architecture. 

This is truly unique in the software development world and allows for both flexibility and development speed unmatched by anyone else. The result is an absolutely seamless platform that marketers, technicians and business owners will love. 

  • Marketers can manage and build content on their own without the aid of technicians. 
  • Technicians can spend their time building or modifying functionality. 
  • And business owners can experience the results of more focused and effective teams.


Search engine friendly 

One of the biggest oversights a business makes is misunderstanding what makes an e-commerce platform search engine friendly. 

We’ve seen businesses make massive investments in technology, sucking up time and resources for months, only to find out after launch that it will never rank in the search engines. We know...yikes! A very uncomfortable conversation when you deliver THAT news.

Proper structure is crucial to get search engines to pick up and rank your content. Our platform is specifically designed with this in mind. With such a heavy emphasis on content management, Drupal Commerce is fully up to speed on the optimization front. 

We’ll show you where the competitor’s solution falls down. The differences are minor on the surface, but hugely detrimental in the eyes of the search giants.

Drupal eCommerce Platform is Search Engine Friendly, Beat your Competitors Now!

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Marketers love stats. They can’t get enough of them. The data is crucial for making decisions to improve an online business. Drupal Commerce was developed to give out-of-the-box, real-time, detailed stats. But we understand that some marketers are stat junkies. We kept those folks in mind by allowing integration with ANY third-party analytics systems.

Want to know your typical user’s behavior? You can find out what device they are using, where they are clicking and how far down the page they are scrolling. You can then understand what is making each web page or product succeed or fail.

Curious about the checkout flow? It’s easy to see where users are dropping off and for what reasons. Analytics is like having your own secret shopper. By looking at the stats provided, marketers will have all the data they need to make calculated decisions to increase the likelihood of a sale or to choose which products to promote.

Let’s not gloss over the simple stuff, either. The system is straightforward enough that you can simply view the dashboard to understand how your website is doing. It’s all right in front of you: average purchase amounts, product sales, number of customers, total sales, etc.
Oh, we almost forgot… this can be all customized too. :)

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