Platform architecture

Drupal Commerce is based on the PHP programming language. Now, before you large enterprises turn up your noses, hear us out! Drupal Commerce leverages the “already good” Drupal code base and makes it even better, optimizing it for a world-class solution your enterprise will be proud of and your customers will love.

  • PHP lends itself perfectly to the open source community, with a low cost of entry and acceptance by the masses.
    • You end up with a much larger development community contributing, therefore higher participation rates.
    • The result: Drupal has over 30,000 contributed modules that are free to use.
  • Due to its nature, PHP is perfect for rapid prototyping and agile development.
  • PHP is just as scalable as Java as long as the code is properly written; the same is true for any language.
    • Scaling is only limited by your web server, and hardware continues to get cheaper and more powerful by the day.
Koodo ecommerce website screenshot


Solutions architecture diagram