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The Drupal Commerce module has been curated by commerce experts and its out of the box functionality can stand up against any proprietary platform; Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento you name it. But the beauty of Drupal Commerce is that it’s a starting point, not a finished product.

Drupal Commerce makes no assumptions about how your business is done. Its modular architecture allows for complete configurability (you can change the core structure if you need to) and the open source code means it can integrate with virtually any business system.

Drupal Commerce is the only ecommerce platform that puts the power in business owners' hands. Take control of your development path, align it with your marketing initiatives, and become a frontrunner in your market.

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Drupal eCommerce Platform Open Source with TELUS
Adaptation means always being the first to market

The core necessity of any e-commerce platform today is its ability to adapt. With the market conditions changing faster than ever, if your platform is locked down, you risk losing to your competitors.

When Canada’s top telecommunications agency; TELUS, required a flexible platform that could easily accommodate the new direction of their marketing department they turned to Drupal Commerce.

Drupal Commerce is open source technology being supported by tens of thousands of developers. Adaptation is its very nature. Proprietary systems simply can’t compete with a workforce this large or this focused.

Find out how TELUS was able to free themselves from the rigid restraints of their old proprietary platform and embrace Drupal Commerce to beat out their competitors, including Apple!

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Drupal Commerce is a powerful open source commerce solution. Learn the advantages of Open Source!