Value Calendars

They took a simple product, made it exciting, and now sell it better than any other competitor on the market, with the help of Drupal and custom integrations of course.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Drupal Module
  • Ecommerce

Why Value Calendars Chose Acro Media

Value Calendars came to Acro Media with a website that had an unresponsive design and lacked the customization needed to showcase their product portfolio and grow their business.

From limited customization, unresponsive design, and limited product-display options to an outdated appearance that no longer represented the Value Calendars brand, the website had become a barrier to success.

Value Calendars also required a custom Drupal solution to integrate their accounting software(Quickbooks) into their website to enhance and streamline their business operations.

Needless to say, Value Calendars had reached a critical crossroads for their business and faced serious challenges to their continued growth and success — challenges that Acro Media and Drupal Commerce were ready to embrace and overcome. 

"The average site visitor’s session duration increased by 49.24% since the new build"

Responsive Design - Giving Customers a Better User Experience

One of the biggest challenges was ensuring every visitor to had a great experience. Whether via mobile, tablet, or desktop, Value Calendars needed their site to be visually appealing, function as intended, and most importantly convert.

As a solution, we redesigned to be better organized and display content to match best practices and built the website to be fully responsive and functional on any device, giving each and every visitor a great user experience.

One of the biggest issues we addressed with the updated and responsive design was the high volume of customer-service calls from users. Users found the new responsive design much more intuitive and easier to navigate to achieve their desired outcomes, which allowed Value Calendars to focus their energies on other areas of their business rather than resolving customer-service calls triggered by their previous website’s poor design and functionality.

image of drupal quick books integration

Time on Site — Year-Over-Year Comparison

The new Value Calendars website launched on Nov 11, 2015. A review of the year-over-year data from the first five months (Nov 11, 2015 - April 11, 2016 vs. Nov 11, 2014 - April 11, 2015) since the new site launched shows the average site visitor’s session duration increased by 49.24%. This translates to users spending one minute longer, on average, on the new website than they had previously on the old one.

Strong CTA’s

With a new, modern layout and design, the Value Calendars website can now fully leverage rich media banners and content to create strong CTAs that engage, activate, and guide the customer through the buying process. Whether it is showcasing their products, coupons or special promotion, Value Calendars have the ability to create a compelling ecommerce experience driven by powerful CTAs.

And thanks to the power and customization of Drupal and its versatile WYSIWYG editor the team at Value Calendars can edit and manage these CTAs quickly and easily without an agency or dedicated developer.

Better SEO

On April 21, 2015 Google released a mobile update that targeted and penalized websites that are not mobile friendly. Essentially any website that has a responsive design will have an organic search advantage in Google over competitors that are not. Subsequently, the launch of the new Value Calendars responsive design website saw an increase in its organic traffic.

Organic Reach — Year-Over-Year Data

quickbooks stats after integration

When we compare year-over-year data from the five months post launch (Nov 11, 2015 - April 11, 2016) the data proves that there was a significant increase in organic traffic.


Custom Integrations Specifically for Value Calendars — This is Why we Use Drupal

Custom 3-Step Calendar Builder

One of the unique customizations we built for Value Calendars was the 3-step calendar builder that their customers can use to build their own calendars. 

Value Calendars wanted a feature that many ecommerce stores just do not have: the ability for customers to build their ideal product and give them the complete freedom to do so. The solution was the 3-step Calendar builder that customers can use to custom design their own product. 

You will not get features like this out of the box using any standard ecommerce platform. This is a key reason we use Drupal, so when clients want or need something to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves from their competition, we can create it! 

Quickbooks Custom Integration

Another huge requirement of this project was the custom integration of Quickbooks into the Value Calendars website. 

This was a Drupal module that one of our own Acro Media developers built from the ground up. In fact, before this module was built, there was no other module in the Drupal community, or even a solution in the Quickbooks community that allowed for Quickbooks and Drupal to be integrated. This was the first of its kind!

Why Value Calendars Wanted This Module? 

Value Calendars needed a solution that would make their accounting more streamlined and automated. With the new Quickbooks integration Value Calendars can now set up automatic reports that get pushed from their website right into their online Quickbooks account. 

Here is what the Quickbooks module can track for Value Calendars.

  • Sales / Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Refunds
  • Credit Memos
  • … and much more 

Saving time is something that every business owner wants to do and that's exactly what this module accomplished!

Project Statistics

  •  Session duration increased by 49.24%
  •  Organic traffic increased 79.19%
  •  Site users increased 161%