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Jason Poole

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December 30, 2021

An ecommerce lesson in product page anatomy

A great ecommerce product page is one that is consciously laid out to focus the viewer’s attention on specific items, in a specific order. This “visual hierarchy” helps the viewer digest the information on the page, and can encourage certain actions.

A custom ecommerce platform will allow for flexible design and functionality that will accommodate all the elements of a great product page listed below:

Anatomy of an ecommerce product page

Critical elements to product page layout in ecommerce

1. Product Shot

Arguably one of the most important items on the page. Professional, high-quality product photos are critical to a successful ecommerce website. In an environment where the prospective buyer can’t physically pick up and touch the item, the product photos are the only way to visually see the product. Multiple angles are highly recommended. A quality ecommerce CMS (Content Management System) will also allow videos as well, a proven aid in conversions.

2. Product Name

Clear and concise, the name of the product should be extremely clear and immediately visible to the user. This should be the largest type on the page.

3. Price

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Everyone wants to know how much your product costs, this should be large and easy to find. Carefully consider your choice of font colour here, red can have a negative connotation, or imply that the item is on sale. Clearly display the currency as well.

4. Quantity & Add To Cart

This is the end game, you got the view to the page now we want them to buy our product! Labels should be clear and non-technical (don’t have a button that says “submit”). Pre-populate the quantity field with “1”, why make your visitor take an extra step?

5. Social Media

Let your visitors help spread the word, social sharing is an easy (and free) way to get your products in front of a wider audience.

6. Description

Serious potential buyers will want some details on your products. Provide as much information and specifications as needed to give the visitor the confidence they need to continue with the purchase — don’t skimp on the details! If there is excessive information, break it up into tabs or sections, or have an expandable “read more”.

7. Reviews

Ratings and reviews are proven to increase conversion rates. Some studies have even shown that having any rating or review, regardless of whether the rating is positive or negative, was a key factor in improved conversions.

8. Related Items

Cross-selling can come in many different forms. A custom ecommerce platform will allow you to use one or more of the following:

  • Related items (as defined by the store owner)
  • People also viewed
  • People also bought
  • Frequently bought together

9. Promotions

Ecommerce, websites and promotions go hand-in-hand. A custom platform will allow you to create and test various types of promotions and dial in a campaign that is effective for your business. Don’t forget to consider how email marketing can integrate into your online marketing efforts. (Note: this one isn't shown in the image above, as it is usually part of the next step, checkout.)

10. Free Shipping

Everyone loves free shipping, if you can make it work for your business then expect good things to happen. If free shipping is not an option for you, make sure that your web agency and platform can handle all your shipping requirements; shipping and taxes are often the most complex elements to properly configure for any web store.

Properly structured product pages convert

As you can see, there are a lot of elements that make up a product page. Good design and layout are imperative to ensure the page does not appear busy and cluttered. And a custom ecommerce platform will make managing your products, sales and customers a breeze!

If you are looking for an anatomy lesson on a great product page, contact us! If you’re looking for an anatomy lesson of any other kind, we may not be the best choice.

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